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Our specialist Clinical & Medical Negligence solicitors can help if you've suffered as a result of medical negligence or malpractice & can provide you with advice and a free initial consultation about making a No Win No Fee claim.


If you are considering making an accident compensation claim Girlings Personal Injury Claims' team of specialists have years of experience with No Win No Fee claims & can provide you with advice and a free initial consultation.


Girlings Personal Injury Claims have extensive experience of successfully securing compensation for clients with severe brain and head injuries and work within the Headway personal injury lawyers code of conduct. We can also offer you a free consultation and advice about making a No Win No Fee claim.

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In 2012, our client Mr A was referred for an MRI head scan under an urgent ‘Head and Neck Cancer’ pathway, following complaints of symptoms such as numbness of the lips, left check and temporal region. Unknown to Mr A at the time, the MRI scan was negligently reported to show...

On 09.12.2014, Mr E fell from a ladder and attended A&E at the William Harvey Hospital. An x-ray was performed which showed he had sustained a complex fracture of his right distal radius (the wrist end of the large bone in the forearm). He was initially immobilised in a cast before...

In 2012 our client, Mr E, was referred to hospital following detection of a polyp (a small lump) in his bowel. Further investigation revealed that our client had two polyps in his bowel, which required surgical removal. Following the surgery, it was recommended that Mr E should undergo a repeat...

Mr H’s claim was resolved at a round table meeting for in excess of £220,000 despite his former GP (‘Dr P’) initially refusing to admit liability for his failings.

Our client had been Dr P’s patient since 2004.  Mr H had previously been diagnosed with...

This was an interesting case concerning the treatment of a sporting injury sustained by a 17 year old budding football professional. The difficulty in this case was proving that but for the negligent treatment, our client would have gone on to have a successful career in semi professional...

Our client was awarded £25,000 in compensation following an accident when he was knocked off his bicycle as a result of the passenger unexpectedly opening their car door as he approached. He sustained a fairly short term injury to his neck and left shoulder, together with a head injury. He...

In 2016, our client, Mrs F, who suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS, a common condition affecting the digestive system) attended her GP surgery due to unusual abdominal pain, which became worse after eating. Her GP felt that this was due to her IBS but, within a month, our client had...

Our client was awarded a figure comfortably in excess of £300,000 following an accident at work on a construction site. He had been instructed to break up concrete using a mechanical breaker. He was not told that there was a live electrical cable beneath the concrete. When the breaker made...

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We can help you recover compensation for injuries sustained in accidents, criminal assaults or as a result of medical negligence. We deal exclusively with injury claims of these sorts and can promise you specialist advice from our friendly team of professional lawyers.

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