No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims

Who We Are

Girlings Personal Injury Claims are Kent’s no win no fee specialists in medical negligence and personal injury claims.
We are affiliated to “Girlings”, a well-established and well respected law firm with offices in Canterbury, Ashford, and Herne Bay.
We cover the whole of Kent, and beyond.

Contact us by phone or e-mail for a free appointment to discuss your claim. We can then advise you whether your claim
is likely to succeed, and how our no win no-fee scheme works (see below for more details).

Our telephone number is 01227 828299

Or e-mail us:

What Types Of Claim Do We Cover?

We can help you recover compensation for injuries sustained in accidents, criminal assaults or as a result of medical negligence.
As we deal exclusively with injury claims, we can promise you specialist advice from our friendly team of professional lawyers.

Our clinical negligence department (for claims for negligent medical treatment, against hospitals, doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons etc.)
is one of the largest in Kent.

We are members of Headway (who represent the interests of clients who have suffered brain injury in an accident),
and are included in their head injury solicitors’ directory.

Details of the types of claim we deal with are set out in the tabs on this page. They include medical negligence, work injuries,
road traffic accidents, tripping and slipping accidents, fatal accidents, head injuries and criminal injuries compensation.

We can also offer specialist advice to hypermobility sufferers whose conditions have been triggered or made worse by an accident
(including making recommendations on treatment).

If the person responsible for your accident admits liability, we can seek an interim payment to help you cope financially while the claim
is going through, and we can then also require the insurance company to cover the cost of any treatment you require, to
save waiting for treatment on the NHS.

No win no fee scheme

Under our no win no fee scheme, there is nothing for you to pay towards our charges as the claim progresses.
If you lose the claim, you do not pay us a penny for the work we have done. If you win, you pay part of your compensation towards your costs.
The contribution towards our charges will never be more than 25% of your compensation at most (unless you are claiming for a criminal injury
or against an untraced driver) and may be a great deal less than this.

For a Free Consultation, Without Obligation

If you wish to make a claim, all you need do is contact us for a free appointment. Our phone number and email address is at the top of
this page. You can come into the office, or arrange a telephone appointment should you prefer. The appointment is totally
free of charge, and without obligation. We pride ourselves on giving you professional, friendly advice.

Alternatively, complete the claims checker you will find on this page. We will get back to you within one working day.

Risk assessments & costs

We offer a free initial consultation and following this consultation we will assess the viability of your claim by way of a free risk assessment. We will advise you if we can assist you within three working days for personal injury claims and within two to three weeks for clinical negligence claims, depending upon how long our medical experts take to provide a free preliminary opinion.

Where we provide representation under a No Win, No Fee Agreement, you will be required to fund our success fee from your damages upon the successful conclusion of your claim. Our success fee is limited to a maximum of 25% of the total of (1) the amount you are awarded for the injury you sustained and (2) financial losses incurred by you before the award is made. You will also be required to pay from your compensation any insurance premium you have decided to take out upon the successful conclusion of your claim.

Neither the success fee nor the insurance premium is payable  if the claim is unsuccessful provided you have complied with the terms of the agreement and the policy.

Case Studies

£90,000 awarded to our client for delayed treatment of gastric ulcer

In 2016, our client, Mrs F, who suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS, a common condition affecting the digestive system) attended her GP surgery due to unusual abdominal pain, which became worse after eating. Her GP felt that this was due to her IBS but, within a month, our client had attended her GP three
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£25,000 awarded to our client following cycling accident

Our client was awarded £25,000 in compensation following an accident when he was knocked off his bicycle as a result of the passenger unexpectedly opening their car door as he approached. He sustained a fairly short term injury to his neck and left shoulder, together with a head injury. He experienced headaches, and noticed difficulty
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