£79,000 awarded to our client following accident at work

Mr F suffered injuries when he fell down a flight of stairs at work and subsequently hit his head the same day on a low door frame on a construction site.

Mr F suffered cervical disc prolapse, which in turn caused compression of the spinal cord at C5/6 level. As a result, he suffered from neck pain and left arm pain and clumsiness, causing him to drop objects. He also suffered from poor grip in his left hand and a tingling sensation in his left index, middle, ring and little fingers. He underwent C5/6 spinal decompression and disc replacement by a neurosurgeon. This surgery relieved his neck pain but aggravated his left arm pain. Furthermore, following this operation he developed pain in the left leg.

Whilst the surgery had been technically satisfactorily performed (as verified by a post-operative MRI scan) Mr F unfortunately continued to experience left arm pain and left leg pain which was diagnosed by a neurologist and pain specialist as “chronic pain syndrome” and “persistent neuropathic pain”.

It was agreed that the second accident resulted in a period of acceleration of symptoms from pre-existing degenerative changes of the cervical spine by approximately three and a half years. Whilst there was a finding of 20% contributory negligence in respect of the client failing to watch where he was going in both incidents, we still managed to secure just over £79,000 in compensation for Mr F. This figure was made up of damages in respect of his pain and suffering, lost earnings, care, travel expenses, medication and the purchase of a mobility scooter.