Child Brain Injury Claims

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Child Brain Injury Claims

Girlings Personal Injury Claims are experienced in claiming compensation for child brain injuries sustained during accidents or as a result of medical negligence.

We have for a number of years been included in the Solicitors’ Directory of Headway, a leading UK brain injury charity.

If your child has sustained a head injury following an accident or medical negligence, please feel free to get in touch on 01227 828299 or 0800 088 6582 for a free appointment, without obligation, to see how we can help.

Apart from seeking compensation, we can also help with arranging private medical treatment for your child once they are discharged from hospital, asking the party responsible to cover the cost of this. We appreciate that the most important thing for both you and your child will be for them to make as full and as speedy a recovery as possible, which is why we place at least as much emphasise on rehabilitation as we do on the compensation claim itself.

The rehabilitation we can seek to arrange for you, paid for by the other side, can include neuro-physiotherapy, neuropsychology and input from an occupational therapist, as is not always easy to access on the NHS once a patient has left hospital.

The claim itself would include compensation for your child’s pain and suffering, loss of earnings looking after them, travelling expenses visiting them or attending treatment, private medical treatment, and if their injuries are serious we can also seek compensation for their future loss of earnings and care needs. We will be happy to explain all of this in more detail when you get in touch.

Our managing director, Jonathan Pidduck, is a member of Headway, the brain injury association and leading British charity for people suffering head injury, and we are included in their current solicitors’ directory.

Girlings Personal Injury – Specialists in Child Head and Brain Injury Claims
Girlings are experienced solicitors in head and brain injury claims and have a very personal approach to working with you.To get more information please visit our dedicated page on this subject here