£110,000 awarded for severe wrist injury and depression following fall at work

In November 2011, Mrs E was injured in an accident at work when she slipped on wet leaves in the company car park. She suffered an injury to her left wrist which unmasked a previously asymptomatic Kienböck’s disease. Kienböck’s disease is a rare condition that can lead to chronic pain and dysfunction in the wrist. It happens when one of the eight small bones in the wrist (the lunate bone) becomes damaged because there is no blood supply. Mrs E underwent four operations culminating in a total wrist fusion and resection of the ulna head.

Mrs E had to retire early from her job as a cook for a large commercial catering company. As a result of the problems with her wrist, she was no longer able to carry large pots and pans, which was a key part of her job.

Mrs E also developed a major depressive disorder with anxiety, requiring a suitable course of treatment.

We secured an admission of liability from the insurers of Mrs E’s employers and went on to obtain £110,000 in compensation for Mrs E. This was made up of damages for pain and suffering, past and future loss of earnings, care, medication, travel expenses, clothing and loss of pension contributions.