£125,000 awarded to our client following road traffic accident

Our client was involved in a road traffic accident as another driver lost control of their vehicle due to icy conditions and hit her vehicle.

Our client sustained soft tissue injuries to her neck, back and knees which resolved within 18 months of the accident. Unfortunately, the stress of the accident also caused our client to suffer from a recurrence of seizures she had previously been treated for – she had been seizure-free for the last 2 years preceding the accident. Our client also suffered from dizzy spells and memory and concentration issues following the accident.

Our client was therefore unable to drive for one year following the accident and eventually had to resign from her job as a Team Leader as she could not cope with the pressure anymore.

We obtained evidence from an expert Neurologist and an expert Neuropsychologist who confirmed that the stress of the accident had caused the recurrence of seizures and ensuing cognitive problems. Fortunately, it was considered that with appropriate treatment by a Neuropsychologist, she would be in a position to return to work.

Following an early admission of liability, the other side made an offer in the sum of £17,000. Following negotiation, we successfully obtained an out-of-court settlement to compensate our client in the sum of £125,000.