Brain Injurys

Head and brain injuries can carry lifelong implications for the victim and those closest to them. It doesn’t matter whether it occurred from a road traffic accident, birth injury, medical negligence, or some other cause if you or your loved one has suffered a brain injury you may be able to claim compensation through a firm of expert lawyers like Girlings Personal Injury Solicitors.

What is a Brain Injury Claim?

Brain injury can occur in two main ways. Either from a closed head injury, where a person suffers head trauma but where there is no visible sign of damage, or from an open head injury where the skull is split or punctured to leave the soft brain tissue exposed and vulnerable.

Common causes of brain and head injuries include:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Birth injuries, where a baby’s brain receives insufficient of oxygen during pregnancy or labour
  • Surgical errors where oxygen reaching the brain is restricted
  • Sporting injuries
  • Accidents in public or at work, like a shelf falling on a person’s head, or a slippery floor causing them to fall and suffer head trauma

There is an endless number of ways a personal can be a victim of brain injury. However your injury occurred, you can make a compensation claim if you can prove you have suffered a head injury and that it was through someone else’s error or negligence.

Frequent effects of brain injury are:

  • Short and long term memory loss
  • Poor balance and mobility
  • Personality change, mood swings, and depression
  • Affected senses, including smell
  • Speech difficulty
  • Learning difficulties

Making a Brain Injury Claim for Someone Else

It is possible to claim compensation for brain injury on behalf of your spouse or child if they are unable to make the request themselves. It may also be possible if you are not their next-of-kin, or do not hold Power of Attorney if there is no one else to start the process on their behalf. If a person is deemed unfit to manage their finances, either because their brain injury renders them incapable or because they are a minor, the court will appoint a trustee to ensure their compensation is utilised correctly.

How Can We Help?

Given the complexity of proving the effects of a head injury and damage to the brain, it is recommended you seek professional legal advice from the team at Girlings Personal Injury Solicitors as early as possible. Even if you are as yet unready to commit to making a claim having the information you need will help you make an informed decision when the time is right.

Brain injury compensation can cover the cost of therapy and rehabilitation and the need to adapt your home or move to one which is better suited to your new requirements. It also covers your loss of earnings while you are recovering and in the future if you cannot return to work, and full or part-time nursing care if required.

You do not have to have suffered permanent brain injury to make a claim. Minor brain injuries may be eligible for compensation depending on the severity of the effects, and whether there are any recurring symptoms such as migraines.

Contact Girlings Personal Injury Solicitors today to find out how they can help you claim compensation for your head or brain injury.