Concerns over patients' safety

Staff have used an ‘honesty box’ in a Children’s Hospital in Manchester to voice serious concerns over patients’ safety, the BBC has reported.

The article describes how anonymous complaints from staff members have highlighted a number of potentially dangerous issues, including monitoring two ventilated patients simultaneously, a shortage of beds leading to early discharges to wards, understaffing leading to mistakes being made and staff members expected to undertake training in their own time.

One medic even stated that he/she worries that it will require a patient dying as a direct result of short-staffing before anything changes.

Although staff members allege that management are aware of the concerns but has done nothing to address them, the trust has stated that a series of actions have been put in place.

The regional director for the Royal College of Nursing has requested a meeting with the hospital.

Shantala Carr, Associate Solicitor in the Medical Negligence Department at Girlings Personal Injury Claims Solicitors has commented:

“The nature of the concerns raised by staff at this Children’s Hospital makes a concerning read. Not only are patients, especially children, put at potential significant risk but employees are being put under immense pressure without adequate support. I expect this hospital is not the only one where employees feel that staff shortages and other pressures are leading to mistakes. Perhaps the possibility of remaining anonymous led to staff speaking out and should be encouraged at other hospitals in order to improve the working environment for staff and the safety of patients.

If you or your child has suffered an injury as a result of being put at risk by a hospital’s failings, please contact our Medical Negligence Department for further advice on whether you may have a claim.”

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