Medical Negligence Claims

Not only is medical negligence physically damaging, but it is also hurtful because it occurs at a time when someone is at their most vulnerable, and is carried out by a professional in whom they have placed their trust. Girlings Personal Injury Solicitors are experts in handling claims for compensation as the result of clinical negligence, having managed successful cases for clients or their next of kin who are making a claim on their behalf.

What is a Medical Negligence Claim

Doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, and other health care professionals all commit to a duty of care when they agree to treat you. Medical negligence occurs when they fail in their responsibility, condemning you to a standard of treatment which is not only unacceptable but which causes you injury or illness.

Examples of medical negligence are numerous but can include:

  • Surgical errors
  • Birth errors
  • Failure to identify and treat infection
  • Bed sore negligence
  • Anaesthetic mistakes
  • Pregnancy and birth injuries
  • Medical misdiagnosis

Medical negligence can happen as quickly under private care as it can in the NHS. The process for claiming compensation is the same. If you are worried medical negligence caused your injury then speak to the team at Girlings Personal Injury Solicitors. They will be able to help you identify whether your injury was caused by negligent care, or whether it was unavoidable.

Even if you are unsure whether you want to pursue a compensation claim for medical negligence you should seek professional advice as early as possible. There is a time limit for making a compensation claim so the better informed you are, the more appropriate your decisions will be.

How Can We Help?

Girlings Personal Injury Solicitors have experience in handling all types of medical compensation claims. As well as determining whether you have valid grounds for a complaint they can assess your individual circumstances and advise on what is your best course of action.

Compensation claims are rarely about money. They are about having your injury acknowledged and someone held responsible, and about obtaining the resources to aid your recovery and treatment. In many instances, your prognosis will be more positive if you can access curative treatment early. Medical negligence claims can take more than a year to resolve, but your lawyer can ask for an interim payment to help with skipping lengthy NHS queues to access treatment privately.

Clinical negligence claims can be complicated and lengthy and should only be handled by a lawyer with experience in this area. Almost of all of them settle without going to trial, and your solicitor will do their best to obtain this outcome for you as well, as they understand many clients find the prospect of going to court an added stress at a time when they should be able to focus on healing from their injury.

Contact Girlings Personal Injury Solicitors today and find out how they can help you with your medical negligence claim.