Medway Hospital Death Rate

In 2013, the Keogh report on death rates in hospitals was published, which showed that the number of excess deaths at Medway Hospital was 232, which was significantly higher than expected. This would have no doubt come as distressing news for anyone who lost a loved one whilst receiving treatment at Medway Hospital.

The Report led to the Trust being put into “Special Measures” in July 2013.

Have these measures resulted in an improvement? Sadly not. A recent review showed that death rates have failed to improve at the hospital and it is to remain in special measures indefinitely.

Many of the medical negligence cases we deal with here at Girlings Personal Injury Claims are against Medway Hospital, including cases where loved ones have died as a result of poor treatment. If you have concerns about treatment you or a loved one has received at Medway Hospital, please do not hesitate to contact our team of medical negligence experts.