Oxygen Deprivation Compensation

The birth of a new baby is an exciting time for the whole family. If things go wrong during the pregnancy or the birth, the effects can be devastating. Some of the issues can be incredibly complex and require specialist expertise. Our team of medical negligence specialists have dealt with claims involving injuries to both mother and baby.

If there is a negligent delay in delivering a baby who becomes distressed in the womb, in certain circumstances it can become starved of oxygen causing problems such as cerebral palsy.

In the recent case of Totham v Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the claimant was starved of oxygen during her birth in 2007. By June 2008, she was showing signs of cerebral palsy.

She brought a claim against Kings College NHS Trust for damages. The defendant accepted liability for the injuries and the issue to be determined at Court was how much the claim was worth. By the time of the recent hearing, the claimant was seven years old. She was generally healthy, but lacked muscle strength and dexterity in her hands and arms, and found it hard to control the position and movement of her head. It was hard for her to sit or walk without help. As she got older, it was likely that she would need someone to be with her all of the time.

The Claimant was awarded in excess of £10m in compensation to cover her past and future care and several other items to ensure an improved quality of life for her and her family in the years to follow.

If you think your child may have suffered similar injuries as a result of negligent hospital treatment, do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists here at Girlings Personal Injury Claims.