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Here at Girlings Personal Injury Claims Solicitors, we understand the trauma you suffer when a loved one has died. We can offer a discreet professional approach when considering your claim for compensation , in cases where a fatal accident has occurred as a result of negligence.

Please phone Jonathan (if the claim arises from an accident) or Clare (if it arises from medical negligence) on 01227 828299 for a free appointment. Or complete the claims checker to the side of this page to request a call-back.

When getting in touch, feel free to ask for further details of our no win no fee scheme, under which there is nothing to pay towards our charges if the claim does not succeed. Or check out our home page for more information.

Compensation is essential and certainly necessary if you are a child who has lost their parent or an adult who has lost their bread winning spouse.

When pursuing a fatal accidents claim it is split into two halves:

  1. The pain and suffering of the deceased up to the date of death. With this aspect of the claim you can also include for example funeral expenses and costs associated with grants of probate.
  2. As a dependant, you can bring a claim under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976. Under this Act, you can claim for example for loss of financial support which had been previously provided (or in the case of children for the loss of services of the deceased parent).
    In addition to the claim for dependency you can also claim what is called a Statutory Bereavement Award, which is a fixed amount of compenasation for your bereavement.

At Girlings Personal injury Claims Solicitors, we have the necessary expertise to guide you through the complex process of bringing a claim to ensure you receive a fair compensation award , should there be a finding of negligence.