Accident Claims

Occupier's Negligence

An occupier of premises is under a duty to take reasonable care that visitors are reasonably safe using those premises. If they fail to do so, and this causes injury, then their insurance company will be liable to pay compensation for this.

This covers all sorts of premises, including private houses, shops etc. even ships and aircraft are included.

We can help you if you have been involved in an accident which was due to the occupier of premises failing to take reasonable care for your safety. For example:

  • Where you have slipped on something on the floor of a supermarket or shop which they should have cleared up
  • Where you have fallen on stairs which were broken or badly maintained
  • Where you have been injured as a result of falling brick work or masonry caused by property not having been properly maintained
  • Any other accidents caused by the occupier of premises not having taken reasonable care for your safety
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