Accident Claims

Slips and Trips Claims

We specialise in recovering compensation for tripping and slipping accidents.

You may have injured yourself after tripping on an uneven pavement, slipped on water on the floor in a restaurant, or slipped on fruit or veg on the floor in a supermarket. if so, we can let you know whether you are likely to recover compensation for your injuries, loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses.

As a rough guide, if you have suffered an injury which takes at least 2 or 3 months to heal, it may well be worthwhile making a claim.

When can I claim?

We can help you if you have been involved in an slip or trip accident which was at least partly someone else’s fault, for example where you have:

  • Slipped or tripped over on food or liquid in a restaurant or supermarket, which had not been cleared away
  • Slipped on a mopped floor where no warning signs were put out
  • Tripped on uneven paving, whether on a public highway or on private property
  • Slipped on liquid or tripped on something in your path whilst you were at work
  • Any other tripping or slipping accident which was at least partly someone else’s fault

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