Meningitis Related Claims

Meningitis is an infection that can have devastating consequences within hours unless it is treated urgently. Meningitis affects adults and children, including very young infants.

We so often hear in the media to look out for a rash, but the symptoms of meningitis can be very non-specific, which can make the condition difficult to diagnose. Symptoms can include a fever, vomiting, headache and generally feeling unwell. They can also include limb pain, cold hands and feet, neck stiffness, dislike of bright lights and confusion. In very young children, signs of meningitis can also include lethargy, irritability, restlessness, abnormal crying, and refusing to feed or prolonged feeding.

Even with treatment, meningitis can cause life changing injuries including brain injury, hearing loss, amputation, loss of or impaired vision, or even death.

Doctors are now well trained in spotting the signs of meningitis and treating the condition. However, we still encounter cases where there was a negligent delay in suspecting meningitis at the outset and this delay has resulted in a worse outcome for the patient. We have also seen cases where meningitis was rightly suspected, but the patient was not given the right treatment within a reasonable period of time.

If you suspect that you or a member of your family were not properly diagnosed or treated for meningitis, we may be able to help you under a ‘no win no fee’ agreement. Please give our dedicated team a call on 01227 828299 for more information.
Alternatively, if you or a member of your family are a meningitis survivor and are seeking guidance and emotional support, there are a number of organisations that can help including the Meningitis Research Foundation (tel: 080 8800 3344), and Meningitis Now (tel: 0808 80 10 388).