£165,000 awarded for injuries from a Road Traffic Accident

Mr T, from Ash, Kent (49 years of age) was involved in a road traffic accident resulting in multiple physical injuries, predominantly to his back and a whiplash injury to his neck.

He was sat stationary in his vehicle at a set of traffic lights in Dover when a vehicle drove into the rear of his car in July 2014.

He instructed Girlings Personal Injury Claims Solicitors to act on his behalf in order to pursue a personal injury claim arising from the injuries sustained in the accident.

Although the Defendant admitted liability in full at an early stage, they were not very cooperative in agreeing to the provision of rehabilitation for the Claimant’s benefit, nor agreeing to the voluntary payment of interim payments to assist with the Claimant’s recovery.

Consequently, proceedings had to be issued out of Canterbury County Court in order to progress the claim.

Expert evidence was obtained by both parties from various different medical disciplines including orthopaedics, neurology, pain management and psychiatry.

Settlement of the claim was protracted due to the uncertain prognosis of the Claimant’s injuries and his ongoing medical treatment.

Negotiations for settlement started at £1,000 and settlement was, eventually, successfully achieved in April 2020 in the sum of £165,000.

Kate Kennell, Senior Solicitor, having conduct of the claim said as follows:

“I am delighted that this claim has now settled and my Client has received a settlement figure which will enable him to move on with life and have closure. I wish his family all the very best for the future”.