Fractured cheekbone as a result of uncovered drain hole

In May 2019 our client was walking along a pavement in his hometown when his crutch suddenly fell down a drain hole which had not been covered, causing him to fracture his cheekbone.

Liability was promptly admitted by the Council, and repairs were carried out in order to ensure that the hole was covered.

Fortunately, no surgery was required to repair the fracture and our client made a good recovery within a few months. An expert report from a maxillo-facial surgeon was obtained, which confirmed that there would be no long term consequences other than a slight facial dissymmetry.

Our client’s claim eventually settled for the sum of £11,840, which included the cost of his glasses which were broken in the accident.

Our client’s wife commented as follows on the service provided by Raphaelle Davies, Litigation Executive in our Personal Injury department at Girlings Personal Injury Claims:

“Raphaelle Davies has proved to be an extremely efficient and competent professional in our dealings with her through Girlings. Raphaelle kept us fully informed as our case progressed after my husband's accident.  She was caring, sympathetic and patient in offering us advice and guidance but all the time, ensuring that it was our decision on how we wanted to proceed. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable keeping in contact with us even when she wasn't able to work directly from the Girlings offices due to the recent Lockdown.

I would not hesitate to strongly recommend Raphaelle Davies as an excellent professional who is an asset to Girlings.”