Chelsea receives an award from the Police

On 16th July 2023, Chelsea acted in unison with her mum and other members of the village community in saving the life of a local elderly and vulnerable gentleman, who had been reported missing from the village. Residents were alerted by a community group chat that the gentleman had gone missing, and they assembled and embarked on searching the remote area.

Chelsea and her mum linked this description to a male they had seen earlier that day when they were walking their dog through the fields, and immediately set out to go back to the area, along with two other members of the community. Upon entering the field, Chelsea took the route that this gentleman was seen walking and located him submerged in a large stream.

Immediately, they worked as a team, and the other members of the village helped Chelsea in assisting the gentleman out of the stream, they covered him with dry clothing, organised warm blankets, and by removing his body from the stream, undoubtedly saved his life. They provided emergency first aid and assisted to warm his core body temperature which was in a hypothermic state.

Kent Police said in their award:

“There is no doubt that the quick-thinking, bravery and community spirit demonstrated by Chelsea and the others saved his life”.