Partner Clare Milne secures £170,000 for her client following negligent hysterectomy

Our client underwent a hysterectomy in September 2020 which our medical experts deemed not only unnecessary, but also negligently performed. This resulted in our client sustaining damage to her ureter.

A Letter of Claim to this effect was sent to the Defendant Hospital. The Defendant admitted that they should have continued to monitor our client’s symptoms of heavy periods rather than perform the hysterectomy. They further admitted that the surgeon failed to shrink our client’s fibroids prior to surgery, thereby making the surgery more complicated and riskier. Due to this failure, the surgeon did not have a good view during the surgery and the ureter was damaged.

As a consequence, our client suffered an extended period of recovery, and she was forced to undergo a robotic implantation of her ureter. She had a nephrostomy, early onset of menopause, uretero-vaginal fistula, multiple urinary tract infections, restricted ability to leave the house and care for herself and her daughter, as well as psychological distress.

The claim was settled via negotiations in the sum of £175,000 and a full apology was received from the Trust. The client stated:

“Fabulous team, Clare and the team have generally had my best interests at heart from the beginning. Clare has been honest and approachable each time we have been in communication and always made sure I fully understood the process. It has been a long road but Clare and her team have got me the best outcome I could have asked for.”