Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect

There is now a large proportion of the elderly population currently residing in nursing homes in the UK. It is unfortunate that some nursing home services fall below a reasonable standard of care and that sometimes this can cause a resident an injury.

Key areas of nursing home negligence include:-
1. Falls where the nursing home has failed to provide mobility devices, carry out risk assessments and adequate supervision to prevent accidents.

2. Bed sores these can occur where the home has failed to prevent a resident from developing pressure sores or provide appropriate treatment for existing sores developing further or healing.

3. Dehydration/malnutrition where the home has failed to provide enough food and water causing the resident to be dehydrated and under nourished which in turn leads to the resident developing serious health problems and fail to fight off infection.

4. Medical errors this is where the nursing home has, for example, failed to provide the resident with the right dose of medication or the wrong medication entirely causing the resident to suffer harm.

5. Abuse where the elderly resident has suffered an injury by the carer due to physical abuse, for example, use of inappropriate restraint or food or water depravation.

Other areas of negligence include failure to provide clean safe and decent living conditions or properly assist with personal hygiene especially where the resident is incontinent.
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